IAM Assessment

An IAM Assessment identifies and addresses the most common issues organizations face when implementing a solution.

This is ideal for:


Companies that want to accelerate their IAM programs


Companies struggling to align their processes and technology


Companies with IAM solutions that are not delivering enough value to the business


Organizations that have a misalignment between the business and IT

IAM Challenges

Identity Management (IAM) is extremely powerful, but it requires careful coordination with HR data and processes, intimate knowledge of business applications and systems, as well as coding and configuring IAM connectors.

Organizational friction and technical hurdles impede implementation and stop companies from getting to a successful deployment the first time.

An IAM Assessment and Roadmap is the first step to overcoming these obstacles by identifying key requirements early, developing stakeholder buy-in, and defining a strategic implementation plan that lays out the program dependencies, resourcing, and timelines.

An IAM Assessment helps identify and address some of the most common challenges organizations face when implementing a solution.



  • Open audit findings related to user access, orphan accounts, and security

  • Largely manual and inconsistent processes for user provisioning (On and Off-boarding)

  • Large number of workarounds that place the burden on IT to “get it done” with manual administration



  • Low user productivity due to incomplete user access

  • Significant time to develop IAM customizations due to complexity of connectors and system interfaces

  • Security gaps increase business risk due to noncompliance with internal policies and external regulations


  • Islands of identity - user identities are managed in individual systems that are not linked

  • Manual updates are labor-intensive and expensive

  • Administrative work is overwhelming

  • Increasing regulation and compliance demands


Our IAM Assessment and Roadmap has many benefits including the validation of program's maturity and effectiveness as well as the identification of new business opportunities in the company’s IAM program by a recognized leader in identity management.


Establish maturity level of your IAM program



Identify gaps in technology and processes



Develop future-state architecture and an actionable plan to implement.


Build executive buy-in on solution implementation path.


Reduce IAM implementation risk

Better Results, Faster

Overcome blockers and generate quick wins

Let's Get Started and Figure Out Your Needs

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